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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

About Park Romney
Information about Park Romney, Mormon Apostate, Progeny of Polygamy

Park Romney (Park Brannock Romney) is the fourth of five children born to the marriage of Milton Romney (Milton Clair Romney) of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Evelyn Brannock (Evelyn Muriel Brannock), of Ontario, Oregon, on St. Patrick's Day, 1956 in Spokane, Washington.   He was reluctantly dragged into 15 minutes of fame during the 2012 election campaign of Mitt Romney (Willard Milton Romney).


As a former High Priest of the Mormon Church, and author of The Apostasy of a High Priest, he was interviewed by the press around the globe. The Apostasy of a High Priest is a challenging commentary on the sociology, politics, culture and doctrines of the Mormon Church and a candid and enlightening discussion of the philosophical journey of his own decision to leave the Mormon Church. Noted author and attorney, Kay Burningham, referred to it as "the cherry on the cake" of "all the great books exposing the fraudulent underpinnings of Mormonism", further explaining that "an understanding of Mormonism would not be complete without it."


In an interview resulting in the BBC's documentary, The Mormon Candidate, Park Romney was framed by John Sweeney of the BBC as a "former member of the Mormon Aristocracy" who believed he had been "shunned" by his family as a result of his apostasy from the Mormon Church. As explained in Park's followup commentary, Mormonism and Shunning, that is not an accurate characterization of what Park said in the interview or believes.

The Romney family, with Mormon lineage dating back to the time of Joseph Smith in Nauvoo, Illinois and polygamist lineage dating back to the exodus of Mormon polygamists who fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution, has a long and established history of significant leadership positions in the Mormon Church. In contrast, Park Romney thinks of and refers to himself as a "Romney Bastard" having descended from Mormon polygamist, Miles Park Romney's third polygamist wife, Catherine Jane Cottam, and because of his further alienation from the family by his apostasy from the Mormon Church. Mitt Romney is descended from Miles Park Romney's first wife.


When asked publicly, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whose "humiliation is now complete" according to New Yorker's John Cassidy, is reported to have said he has not heard of Park Romney. On the other hand, Mitt's father, the late Governor of Michigan, George Romney, hailed as one of the state of "Michigan's finest statesmen" who later served in the presidential cabinet as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, exchanged personal correspondence with Park Romney.

In an exchange of letters with Park Romney on the topic of his "America for Americans" project, George Romney made reference to his fond memories of visiting "Uncle Park's farm in Cache Valley, Utah". "Uncle Park" was Park Romney's grandfather, the son of Mormon polygamist, Miles Park Romney.

Mitt Romney is seen here with Park Romney's daughter, Brooke Andrus, (formerly married to Stan Andrus, of Andrus Logistics) at a wedding. Observers overheard them chatting about the common names of Milton Romney, the football player for whom Mitt was named and Milton Romney, Brooke's grandfather, who is Park's father.

It is difficult to imagine that Mitt Romney has not heard of his cousin, Park Romney, since and associated web pages enjoyed over ninety thousand unique visits per month during the height of Mitt Romney's campaign for the presidency. A significant portion of includes articles discussing Mormonism and Mitt's qualifications and potential conflicts arising from Mormonism. These articles have been quoted or otherwise referred to by many notable writers.


Dana Milbank, of the Washington Post, attempted to frame Park Romney, in his column, as a "preposterous" and irrational "crazy cousin", giving rise to an outpouring of support from visitors to typified by one observer who shared her disappointment in Milbank's attempts to paint Park Romney as a "loon". She explained her pleasure in the discovery from reading through his articles that he was actually an "intelligent and well-spoken man."

Vegas Jessie, a notable Las Vegas blogger who now writes for Crooks and Liars referred to Park Romney as "The Real Romney" in her article, Why is Willard Running away from the Real Romney?, and quoted Park extensively in her articles, Is the Apparent Selfishness of Mitt Romney evidence of a Larger Problem? and There is a Romney we should all listen to, and it isn't Mitt.


Milbank made a particular point of challenging Park's contention, as a former Mormon High Priest, that Mitt's relationship with the Mormon Church, as a current High Priest under solemn oath and covenant of obedience to the leadership of the Mormon Church, would involve a conflict of interest and undue influence by the Mormon Church. Apparently, taking a few moments to research the conclusive and indisputable information on "The Oath and Covenant" of the Mormon "Holy Melchizedek Priesthood", the oath of obedience and "law of consecration" in the Mormon temple "endowment", and other widely available information on the subject was not worth an investment of Milbank's journalistic interest in his rush to manipulate his readers toward adopting the Washington Post's preferred spin on the subject matter.

It seems clear that Milbank had not read Park Romney's short book in preparation for his challenges. He spins Park Romney's reference to "his cousin, Mitt" in the book, in an attempt to frame Park Romney as exploiting the family name. Actually, Park made reference to "the Mormon presidential candidate, Mitt Romney" in an anecdote relevant to the sociology of Mormonism, making no mention of his relationship to Mitt. The oaths and covenants and "Law of Consecration" to which Park Romney refers are explained in the book, together with the impact of such doctrines and covenants on the sociology of Mormonism and psychology of Mormons.


Milbank disingenuously spins Park as having "declined to comment" for his article, as if Park had been presented with the substance of Milbank's stated positions for responsive comment. In truth, Park declined to be interviewed on record at all by Milbank for any article. After being pressed, Park simply agreed to answer a few questions confidentially, off record, by way of guidance on certain topics in question. His responsible and truthful contributions were ignored, and the subject matter was misrepresented with egregious spin.

Park only became aware of Milbank's spin and curious approach to the ethics of journalism after the fact, at which point Park sent a serious objection to the Washington Post which was ignored. It seems clear Milbank's persistence in engaging Park in any discussion he would agree to was simply a ruse to bolster the apparent "credibility" of an article in which his already existing plan to spin the subject matter and unfairly disparage Park for telling an inconvenient truth would be published by the Washington Post. At this point, there can be no credible post facto claim that Milbank was acting in good faith, given the clear revelations of the truth of what Park shared and the widely available evidence of that truth.


The particular observations of Park Romney, to which Dana Milbank was referring, are found in Park Romney's published response to interview questions including What do you REALLY think of Mitt's campaign for the presidency?, and So then, it would be fair to say that you agree that Mitt Romney's religion is not a legitimate campaign issue?. (Park disagreed). Park Romney's responses to these questions had a significant impact on the public discourse relevant to Mitt's campaign.

Park Romney was more than completely vindicated in a more recent Mormon-Leaks disclosure on YouTube featuring United States Senator, Gordon Smith, in a private briefing with the Quorum of Twelve Apostles of the Mormon Church. None too impressed, Oregon constituents comment on the scandal as reported by Willamette Week political reporter, Nigel Jaquiss, in his article Mormon Leaks Video Features Former U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.). The lead quotation in the article from Gordon Smith to Mormon Apostles reads: "Temple recommend more important than election certificate."


Senator Smith openly acknowledged his covenants with the Church (as referred to by Park Romney); his obligations and loyalty to the "Brethren" (Apostles of the Mormon Church, who require their membership to sustain them annually as "Prophets, Seers, and Revelators" through whom God directs His affairs on earth.); his obligation and priority to use his position to serve the interests of the Church; and shared an anecdote in which he usurped his position as a U.S. Senator to impose on a leader of a foreign nation to admit Mormon Missionaries into his country.

The extent to which the admission of Mormon Missionaries was associated with reciprocal favorable consideration of requests made by the foreign dignitary on behalf of his nation were unclear, however the context of the meetings as described by Gordon Smith definitely raised cause for legitimate suspicion. Whether or not reciprocal conditions were negotiated, Gordon Smith plainly acknowledged mixing categorically inappropriate Church business involving an appeal to admit Mormon Missionaries with official Government business in his meeting with the leader in his report to the Mormon Apostles.

A reciprocal "blessing" was pronounced on Senator Smith in the meeting with the Mormon Apostles. Consistent with Park Romney's contention that they (The Mormon Apostles) view themselves as Christ's exclusive agents on Earth endowed with Godly power to act in His name, they did not pray for a blessing upon Gordon Smith, or suggest that he would or should be blessed for his efforts. Rather, they revealed their own perceptions of personal authority from God by invoking their own blessing, "We Bless You".


A subsequent YouTube video, produced by Mormon Leaks, brutally exposed what was interpreted as the Mormon Apostle, "Jeffrey R. Holland lying to Harvard students" on the subject of such conflicts of interests and undue influence by the Mormon Church on politicians. (Click here for full video produced by Mormon Leaks with text of dialogue)

Mormon Apostle, Jeffrey Holland, expressly denied such conflicts and undue influence and proclaimed them to be contrary to the teachings and beliefs of the Mormon Church before a meeting of Harvard students. Jeffrey Holland also enjoys the distinction of making discredited claims about an antique Book of Mormon he held up in a Mormon general conference and proclaiming it to be the very Book of Mormon from which Hyrum Smith read to Joseph Smith while in Carthage Jail.


In an interview with the BBC, also for The Mormon Candidate, Jeffrey Holland, in a curious effort to stake his own credibility against challenges against the legitimacy and authenticity of Mormonism, declared, "I am not a dodo", giving rise to the ever popular joke among ex-Mormons and faithful researchers on Mormonism about the final and definitive evidence of the truthfulness of the Mormon Church amidst the overwhelming evidence of the fraud. "Well..." goes the muse at the point of being confounded by incontestable evidence of Mormon Fraud... "Jeffery Holland is not a dodo, so that settles it". This is now known as the "Jeffrey Holland is Not a Dodo defense of Mormonism".


In this same interview, Apostle Jeffrey Holland adamantly denied the Church's practice of "shunning" apostates. In contrast, another Mormon Leader, Elder L. Whitney Clayton, instructed graduating BYU students, "We should disconnect, immediately and completely, from listening to the proselytizing efforts of those who have lost their faith and instead reconnect promptly with the Holy Spirit”, in his April 2016 commencement address. Similarly, Elder Carlos E. Asay of the LDS Church's Quorum of the Seventy instructed the general membership to "Avoid those who would tear down your faith" and further instructed "Faith-killers are to be shunned" in his General Conference address in October of 1981.


Apparently, Dana Milbank and the Washington Post editorial staff's credibility was rooted in such rock solid research as the "Jeffrey Holland is not a dodo defense" of Mormonism when they engaged in the obvious and transparently willful public disparagement of Park Romney for simply telling the truth. Dana Milbank was assigned to cover the Romney campaign at the time.

The Washington Post's motivation for the unscrupulous disparagement of a credible objection to Mitt Romney's campaign from another former Mormon High Priest on legitimate grounds is better understood in view of the ties between the Washington Post and the CIA, as observed by Huffington Post's Norman Soloman, and long standing rumors, observations, and reports of the ties between the CIA and the Mormon Church as discussed in Utah Lighthouse Ministry's publication, the Salt Lake Messenger in 1976.


Dana Milbank, whose relationship with the American intelligence community is presumed by many to have been all but assured when he became a member of Yale's secret Skull and Bones society, is clearly no stranger to motivated "journalism". He attempts to frame Park Romney as a "spokesman" for the LGBT community solely on the basis of an interview of Park Romney by Utah Pride. No discussion whatsoever took place between Park Romney and Dana Milbank that could even be reasonably misunderstood to mean Park had any such relationship with the LGBT community. Nothing in the Utah Pride interview makes any such suggestion. Utah Pride has published many interviews with many people. Park's support of same sex marriage became of legitimate interest to Utah Pride.

To frame Park Romney as a "spokesperson" for the LGBT community, or to suggest that Utah Pride ever "embraced him" as such is both irresponsible journalism and an insult to the LGBT community. Park explains, "I am not gay and am in no way qualified to be a spokesperson for the LGBT community. Such a suggestion is an insult to the highly credible and extremely well qualified leadership of that community and to the community itself, apparently motivated to use such a distinction to discredit me in the eyes of homophobes. My support for same sex marriage was my own spontaneous and private call of conscience and reaction to the offensive, hypocritical, duplicitous and dishonest Proposition 8 campaign sponsored by the Mormon Church in California."


The relationship between the American intelligence community and the Skull and Bones society is widely understood to be quite accurately portrayed in the Hollywood production The Good Shepherd, starring Matt Daman, Angelina Jolie, and Robert DeNiro. It was inspired in part by the true story of the American intelligence community's involvement in Cuba and the botched Bay of Pigs operation and portrays the intelligence community's involvement in "enhanced" interrogation, assassination, and misinformation, and the intimate role played by members of the Skull and Bones society.

Park Romney has intimated at connections between the CIA and the Mormon Church in more than one of his articles, including Mormon Fraud: a Reflection of American Naivete. No small wonder then, that the Washington Post and the Mormon Church are anxious to trash the credibility of Park Romney in a spirit similar to what the CIA is reported to have participated in with the "wrongful disgrace of Gary Webb", the San Jose Mercury News Reporter who became famous for uncovering the CIA's links to drug smuggling and weapons deals that stained the Regan administration.

Gary Webb's story became the basis of the feature film, Kill the Messenger. Park, on more than one occasion has been asked, "Why aren't you already dead?". Gary Webb was ultimately found dead in a hotel room with two gunshot wounds to the head. Curiously, two gunshot wounds to Gary Webb's head were ruled "a suicide".


Park laughs off these questions. He explains, "As annoying as what I am saying might be to the Mormon Church and, possibly, the intelligence community, I don't think that they really think of me as any kind of meaningful threat worth investing much time and energy in. Most of what I have said has been said by others long before me. Even a specific and direct warning I received, in my view, was overstated. Perhaps I should take it more seriously than I do, but I really think anyone investing any time in following me or investigating me closely quickly learns that I'm just an ordinary guy who isn't worth the trouble. I'm far more concerned about rogue members of the Mormon Church who may independently think they are doing God's work by disrupting my life than institutionally organized efforts on behalf of government agencies. The Mormon Church, on the other hand, definitely engages resources targeting its known or perceived enemies, but following someone around is kind of an antiquated technique of intimidation. I think Hollywood uses it in movies for dramatic effect, but in the real world if you really want to mess with someone's life you don't even have to be in the same state."

Not many who have read Park Romney's book, articles, or essays think of him as an "ordinary guy". Vegas Jessie makes her view on this subject quite clear in her article There is a Romney we should all listen to, and it isn't Mitt.


Attempts at Park Romney's character assassination, with obvious ties back to relatives, Mormons, and unscrupulous journalists with motivations that clearly overshadow the ethics of their profession, have been quite apparent. Alarmingly, we now understand those efforts to be entirely consistent with Snowden's famous disclosures of such practices and other abuses of civil rights by the American intelligence community.

Numerous researchers share the view that the "Mormon Mafia" has a long established and ongoing relationship with the American intelligence community's covert operations including character assassination and defamation of its perceived enemies, including Donald Trump. Mitt Romney's close relationship with the CIA, on the other hand, was evidenced by his shameful public support of human rights abuses by the CIA in Guantanamo.


In 2016, Park Romney received a "not so thinly veiled threat" presented as "advice" from a known associate of the American Intelligence community. Among other things he was told, "You have no idea how much power these guys have", and "don't think you will be able to defend yourself". He has been shadowed by unmarked government vehicles with emergency lights barely visible through smoked windows and on one occasion buzzed by a military jet while driving in a remote rural area.

Unrelated coincidence? "Probably", says Park. "Complaints about military jets buzzing people on rural highways are a matter of public record", He explains. "...and the CIA wouldn't be following me in government licensed vehicles". "There are other instances of being followed, stalked, or spied on in other ways that I don't care to elaborate on that are much more difficult to explain or pass off as coincidence. Suffice it to say, as an advocate of objective and rational processing, I am quite thorough in testing what is going on before drawing definitive conclusions about it. On two occasions another witness to what was going on was handy, so a second opinion was helpful to check any bias I might have had. My bias, by the way, usually leans more towards a dismissive attitude about such things as unrelated coincidence."


Until recently, evidence of Park Romney's relationship to the Romney family has been consistently omitted from the internet. The consistency of these omissions is hard to imagine to be unrelated to Park Romney's apostasy and outspoken criticism of Mormon fraud.

Family efforts to shelter future generations from the truth about Mormonism are consistent with Mormon culture, as is historical revisionism. Notably,'s family group page showing the children of Park Romney's grandfather, Park Romney, son of Catherine Jane Cottam and Miles Park Romney, concealed 4 of the 9 children of the marriage of Park Romney and Mary Vilate Lee as "private", effectively blocking further inquiry that would lead to evidence of Park Brannock Romney's existence on Earth. One of the four "private" children was Milton Clair Romney who is Park Romney's son, and this Park Romney's father. The Park Romney page on can also be acquired by searching from the Miles Park Romney page and clicking on the Park Romney link.

These pages appear to have been quietly updated subsequent to the posting of these observations about the omissions, in keeping with the same spirit of Mormon revisionism that has resulted in recent essays about Mormon history quietly added to the LDS Church's websites acknowledging, under the pressure of public criticism, aspects of Mormon history previously ommitted from the disclosures of the Mormon Church.


Also until recently,'s listing on Park Romney's family records omitted 5 of the 9 children. Conveniently, Milton Clair Romney was one of the omitted children, effectively blocking further links that would reveal this Park Romney's relationship to the family.

To appreciate the significance of these omissions it helps to be both a Mormon and a Romney. The Romneys take enormous pride in their ancestry. The accuracy and completeness of family records is a matter of moral and spiritual obligation for a Mormon family. The Romney family records include published works on Miles Park Romney, Catherine Jane Cottam, Park Romney, and others.

Family reunions have involved family skits in which the ancestors are portrayed by current family members. Not long ago, Celeste Bird (formerly Celeste Romney currently married to Alan Bird), Park Romney's sister, played Catherine Jane Cottam, wife of Miles Park Romney in just such a skit.

The omission of any family records from family histories online, or otherwise is a significant and noteworthy departure from Mormon protocol, except where the purging of family histories of any challenges to the legitimacy of Mormonism or other family embarrassments are involved. The faith of future generations must be sustained. Slander, defamation, lying for the Lord, shunning, and historical revisionism are often legitimized in this effort. Brigham Young University's academic credentials have been challenged on related grounds. Park Romney attended BYU shortly after his Mission for the Mormon Church in 1977.


No one who has thoughtfully read Park Romney's book, The Apostasy of a High Priest, fails to grasp the potentially devastating impact that it could have on the faith of future generations. For whatever editing imperfections it may possess, it has still been described by some to be "utterly confounding" to the faith of Mormons. By some accounts, "There is no response or rebuttal".

When asked about these accolades, Park Romney explained that he was "complimented beyond what he deserved" and shared his view, "If you want to talk about 'utterly confounding' information on Mormonism, there is plenty available that goes far beyond anything I've written. An excellent resource that should not be overlooked would be Jeremy Runnell's, Letter to a CES (Church Education System) Director, which, quite appropriately, went viral soon after it was published. It most certainly did confound the CES Director and any other true believing Mormon who reads it. There is absolutely no escaping the fraud of Mormonism for those who read Jeremy Runnell's brilliantly concise summary of some of the most salient evidences of Mormon Fraud."

The Letter to a CES Director can be downloaded for free from Jeremy Runnell's site. Kay Burningham's book, An American Fraud - One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism is an in depth authoritative discussion of Mormon fraud. Thoughtful researchers should keep in mind, while reading Jeremy Runnell's Letter to a CES Director, and Kay Burningham's An American Fraud - One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism that Mormon Apostle, Jeffery Holland, is not a dodo, in case that helps.


Who is Park Romney and what's all the fuss?




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