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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Is Mormonism a threat to society?
by Park Romney, 2011

Does Mormonism causes any problems or represent any threats to the American society in social, political and/or economic terms?

Park Romney: Yes. I believe that it poses a very serious threat. To understand that threat, one needs to consider a historical example. Most of us understand the horrors of Nazi Germany.

We understand the historical atrocities committed under the Nazi regime. What not as many people understand or take the time to consider, is that what happened in Nazi Germany, could not have happened without the quiet acquiescence of the people… allowing gross corruption of their government and political institutions that take place, incrementally, right under their noses, until it was too late to turn back.

The cultural blindness that was necessary for the Nazi regime to take power was accomplished amidst a predominantly Christian culture. How was this possible? It was possible due to a certain philosophical corruption of the underlying epistemology of the culture that was encouraged. Epistemology, or the doctrinal theory of truth and knowledge in religions, deals with the way people go about the thoughtful process, or, unfortunately, at times, the process of non-think, to arrive at their conclusions and adopt something as true. The entire German nation, for the most part, adopted as a “truth” that the Aryan race was superior and that they had a right to exterminate other races, simply on the basis of what they believed to be their own inherent religious right, ordained by God, because of their superiority. This cultural elitism, is an insidious evil that does not overtake a society or culture all at once, but, rather, creeps in incrementally, little by little.

The dangerous thing about Mormonism is that it is a false religion that masquerades as the only true and legitimate authority of God on Earth, and teaches, to its members, a deeply destructive epistemology that encourages blind obedience to an elitist ecclesiastical government known and well established over the years to be willing to lie to its members and the public in order to advance its own agenda. Its agenda is political and economic power and elitism. Make no mistake about this.

Nazi Germany was a fascist regime whose existence was not possible without illegitimate religious support for outrageous social principles and injustices that it embraced. Mormonism is pursuing a course toward religious fascism, incrementally, while misrepresenting the truth about their real origins and objectives.

Clearly Mormonism will never emmerge as a neo Nazi organization, notwithstanding its propensity toward religious fascism, historically, and corporate fascism currently. Mormon fascism is relatively benign, but for the exploitive fraud. Rather, it will benefit from general government corruption and exploitation that is dependent on general naivete. The corrupt epistemology of Mormonism, makes a dangerously serious social contribution to the naivete’ that must necessarily exist as a pre-requisite for general government corruption and general exploitation. This pre-requisite intellectual absenteeism was necessary for the Nazis to sieze control of Germany without much resistance from Christians of the day.

The Mormon Church has instilled such an astonishing measure of naïve and unquestioning subservience in its membership, that it has enjoyed virtually no meaningful accountability for its actual financial affairs for decades, amidst patently obvious fraud and controversies that would give rise to stockholder rebellion, or an opportunity for hostile takeover in most other corporations, at best, and criminal prosecution, more realistically. Each year, during a general conference, an oblique perfunctory announcement is made to the effect that generally acceptable accounting principles have been followed in keeping the records of the church. At this, the Orwellian state of Mormon group think, amidst the looming threat of Church discipline for questioning the Church leadership, is sufficient to keep the general membership nodding in blind trust and approval of secret "financial management" that disposes of staggaring revenues annually.

Unfortunately, naivete is socially contagious, and America’s collective naivete has given rise to a military industrial complex that is completely out of control and which perpetuates the perception of its own necessity by manufacturing unrealistic and unfounded fear beyond anything reasonably appropriate for the service of the actual risks and needs of its constituents. Massive corporations, including the Mormon empire, continue to enjoy ungodly wealth as a result of the exploitation of fear and naivete’ in America.

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