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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Isn't it inappropriate to single Mormonism out as a "cult" in today's political climate of religious tolerance?
Park Romney responds to questions about calling Mormonism a cult.

It is unfortunate that the term "cult" is so often automatically viewed as a pejorative or disparaging term. I suppose it is understandable for a couple of reasons. On the one hand, most often when the term is used it is intended as a derisive classification. At the same time, many Mormons have contributed to the negative interpretation of the word by branding those who employ it in reference to Mormonism as demonstrating an unfair negative bias by employing the term.

Actually the term "cult" is not necessarily derisive and has been applied to general Christianity in its early years by religious scholars. The term by some reckoning has more to do with the size and popularity of the movement. By other reckoning, it has to do with certain aspects of the relationship of the followers with the leaders of the group and the doctrinal requirements imposed on the followers by those leaders. It is worthwhile to note that even some active Mormons consider the term "cult" to be appropriately applied to Mormonism. As a classic case in point, please see published by someone who characterizes themselves as a member of the Mormon Church who has held "high" offices.

For my part, I do not see the applicability or non-applicability of the term to be a reasonable basis for being dismissive of either Christianity or Mormonism. Any serious student of religious philosophy should thoughtfully consider what a religious movement has to offer as well as whatever difficulties or challenges it faces and get past the emotional complications attached to defensiveness. There is much to be respected and admired about the Mormon culture. I think I make that point very clear in my book. I also share my ultimate conclusions about the faith. I hope you will consider them thoughtfully and judge for yourself whether I have been fair, rather than jump to presumptuous conclusions about the book on the basis of its cover and title.

When pressed for an expansion on his true feelings Park Romney responded with the following statement which includes the quotes he is now world famous for including the "insidious contemporary fraud" and "exploitation" quotes, -- Click here

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