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Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Mormonism: An insidious contemporary fraud
This is the article made famous by Dana Milbank's (of the Washington Post) commentary. - Park Romney responds to the question, 'What do you REALLY think of Mitt's Campaign for the presidency?'

Is Mormonism a threat to society?
Responding to a question from the Brazilian press. - by Park Romney, 2011

Mormon Materialism - Evidence of a Larger Problem
Park Romney responds to a question as posed by Las Vegas Jessie during the 2012 presidential election. He discusses Mormon epistemology and contrasts Muhammad Baqir Al Sadir's discussion of primordial awareness. - Vegas Jessie asks: Is the apparent selfishness of Mitt Romney evidence of a larger problem?

In Support of Resignation - One man's point of view
Park Romney shares his thoughts on the choice to resign from the Mormon Chruch. This is point of consideration many thousands of disillusioned Mormons grapple with. - by Park Romney

An American Fraud - One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism
Park Romney's five star review of An American Fraud: One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism, by Kay Burningham. - book review by Park Romney

What about Religion?
Park Rommey shares observations about the relationship between religion and philosophy. - by Park Rommey - 2008, for Private Benefit Trust as published on

Who Cares about Philosophy?
Observations on the subject of philosophy, self reflection, and self inquiry. - by Park Romney - 2008. As published on

Who cares about metaphysics?
On the relevance of metaphisics to reasoned lives. - by Park Romney - 2008. as published on

Who cares about epistemology?
On the relevance of epistemology to a reasoned life. - by Park Romney - 2008 as published on

Who cares about ethics?
On the relevance of ethics to a reasoned life. - by Park Romney - 2008 as published on

Who cares about logic?
On the relevance of logic to a reasoned life? - by Park Romney - 2008, as published on

Who cares about aesthetics?
On the relevance of aesthetics to a reasoned life. - by Park Romney - 2008, as published on

Mormon Epistemology and Agenda Explained
Kay Burningham's review of The Apostasy of a High Priest - The Sociology of an American Cult by Park Romney - Book review by Kay Burningham

On the fundamental right of Same Sex Marriage
Park Romney position on the subject of same sex marriage, succinctly put. - by Park Romney. Succinctly put.

Corporations are people.... really?
Park Romney discusses the mindless response of Mitt Romney, that corporations are people, and suggests rational and reasonable tax policiy. - by Park Romney

On Gun Control
Park Romney shares his thoughts on gun control, quoting Oliver Cromwell. - by Park Romney

Mormonism vs. Other Christrian Faiths
Park Romney responds to this question as posed by his friend, Bill Sallberg. He discusses the profound diffences between Mormonism and other faiths, and calls out Mormonism as a fraud, as blasphemy, and as ineligible for religious tolerance. - Aren't criticisms of Mormonism equally applicable to all religions? - Park Romney responds

Mormon Fraud: A Reflection of American Naivete'
Park Romney, a former Mormon High Priest, discusses what he refers to as the blasphemy of Mormon Fraud. - by Park Romney. April, 6, 2013

The Paradox of Bigotry and Mormonism
Park Romney responds to the accusation that anti-Mormonism is bigotry. - by Park Romney. April 22, 2013

Why Trifle with Mormonism? Because Religious Fraud is Serious.
Park Romney explains his motivation for calling out the Mormon fraud and makes the case for holding the perpetrators of religious fraud accountable. He calls out institutional resistance to the prosecution of Mormon fraud and invites grass roots support to overcome that resistance. - by Park Romney. May 2, 2013

The Great Lie - Excusing Religious Fraud
Park Romney on cosmic harmony and the false justification of manipulation, exploitation, deception, and religious fraud. - by Park Romney. May 19, 2013

Mormonism and Shunning
Park Romney discusses Mormonism, shunnning, and the complex social dynamic that arises between Mormon apostates and their true believing family members. - by Park Romney, May 28, 2013

Mormonism and Blasphemy - Questions for the Christian Clergy
Park Romney responds to questions about calling out the blasphemy of the Mormon fraud. He poses serious questions to the clergy of other faiths. - by Park Romney. June 21, 2013

Lying for the Lord - Mormon Deception
Documented evidence on Mormon Prevarication, Mormon Deception, and Lying for the Lord - Lying for the Lord, a continuing element of the culture of Mormonism

Should the Mormon Church Pay taxes? - Presidential Candidate Fred Karger investigates Mormon Fraud

Strengthening Church Members Committee
On The Mormon Church's clandestine harassment of outspoken apostates

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What about Religion?
Who Cares about Philosophy?
On Excusing Religious Fraud
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Is anti-Mormonism bigotry?
The Paradox of Bigotry
Religious Fraud is Serious
On Mormonism vs. Other Faiths
On Mormonism and Blasphemy
On Mormonism and Shunning
On Mitt Romney's Campaign
On Mormon Materialsim
On Taxation of Churches
A Reflection of American Naivete
An Insidious Contemporary Fraud
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