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Saturday, December 16, 2017

An Interview with Park Romney

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As an ex-Mormon, how do you feel about your cousin, Mitt's, campaign for the presidency? - Park Romney responds to questions about Mitt Romney's campaign. A subsequent clarification exposes his deeper concerns.

So then, it would be fair to say that you agree that Mitt Romney's religion is not a legitimate campaign issue? - Park Romney responds, exposing undue influence in politics by the Mormon Church

Isn't it inappropriate to single Mormonism out as a "cult" in today's political climate of religious tolerance? - Park Romney responds to questions about calling Mormonism a cult.

Is anti-Mormonism Bigotry? - Is The Apostasy of a High Priest an anti-Mormon book? - Park Romney responds.

What is it that some are referring to as the "OMG" factor of the book? - Park Romney refers to the significance of particular stories in his book, The Apostasy of a High Priest.

What is an "Apostasy"? - Park Romney explains the meaning of apostasy.

Are Mormons required to "shun" an apostate? - Park Romney responds to questions about Mormon shunning.

So, thenů why did you renounce your faith? - Park Romney explains why he renounced his faith.

So, how did you arrive at those conclusions? - Park Romney explains the path to the conclusion that led to his apostasy.

What's not to like about Mormonism?

What doctrines of Mormonism do you have a problem with? - Park Romney responds to questions about Mormon doctrines he has a problem with.

So, do you still believe in God? - Park Romney responds, giving insight into his current beliefs.

What qualifications do you have to write about sociology? - Park Romney explains the history behind the title of his book.......the Sociology of an American Cult

How long after you renounced your religion did you decide to write a book about it?

Are you following any other religious doctrine, since leaving the Mormon Church?

Where does a "High Priest" fall within the hierarchy of the Mormon Church?

Is is true that you refer to the Mormon Church as a "fraud" in the book?

Mormonism: An insidious contemporary fraud
This is the article made famous by Dana Milbank's (of the Washington Post) commentary. - Park Romney responds to the question, 'What do you REALLY think of Mitt's Campaign for the presidency?'

What fueled your decision to leave the Church?

How does the Mormon Church accomplish brainwashing, as you contend?

What consequences did your split from the Mormon religion have for you?

Do you support Mitt Romney's campaign for the presidency?

How does the LDS Church manage to pass itself off as a modern religion?

Do you think BYU prepares its students adequately for the outside world?

How do people in the 21st century fall for the implausible history of the LDS Church?

Is the LDS Church a corporation, a religion, or a cult?

If the Church is a fraud, how do the leaders reconcile this with tenents of truthfulness and Christ-like behavior?

Why have you abandoned Mormonism?

Why criticize the Mormon religion?

Is Mormonism a threat to society?
Responding to a question from the Brazilian press. - by Park Romney, 2011

Have you been personally attacked due to your views about Mormonism?

Is it true that Mormons isolate ex-Mormons?

Has Mitt Romney's candidacy affected your activities?

How do your criticisms affect Mitt Romney's campaign?

How could being a Mormon affect Mitt Romney's presidency?

Mormon Materialism - Evidence of a Larger Problem
Park Romney responds to a question as posed by Las Vegas Jessie during the 2012 presidential election. He discusses Mormon epistemology and contrasts Muhammad Baqir Al Sadir's discussion of primordial awareness. - Vegas Jessie asks: Is the apparent selfishness of Mitt Romney evidence of a larger problem?

Mormon Fraud: A Reflection of American Naivete'
Park Romney, a former Mormon High Priest, discusses what he refers to as the blasphemy of Mormon Fraud. - by Park Romney. April, 6, 2013

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