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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Legal Notice - Search Engine Discrimination - Federal Civil Right Violation
Legal Notice re: the Federal Civil Rights violation of search engine discriminatioin against exposing Mormon Fraud

We are deeply concerned, having been informed, and otherwise having reason to suspect that search engines, including Google are acquiescing to illegitimate organized complaints that result in search engine ranking discrimination, violating the Federal Civil Rights for free religious speech and practice by Park Romney and other ex-Mormons.

It is our position that exposing the fraud and other social abuses of Mormonism and calling out specific individuals and groups of individuals (i.e. The Mormon Quorum of Twelve Apostles and individual apostles) for their specific actions and participation in social abuses including blasphemy, fraud, misrepresentation, religious discrimination, defamation, reckless infliction of emotional distress, and other abuses, is a fair and legitimate religious practice and accepted as a moral, social, and religious duty by countless former members of the Mormon Church. We believe these assertions are demonstrably true and have presented what we believe to be compelling evidence to that effect on this website. As such, we believe this exposure is a protected civil right and we believe that discrimination against the exercise of that right or retaliation against those who exercise that right, under certain circumstances, may well constitute a religious hate crime as willful disruption of a legitimate religious practice.

We further believe that organized groups and efforts to adversely impact on the search engine listing or ranking of pages and articles exposing the social abuses of Mormonism by use of illegitimate claims, reports, complaints, or other practices constitute conspiracy to violate the federal civil rights of Park Romney and others targeted by such efforts and a criminal religious hate crime.

Failure to properly investigate and thoughtfully consider the legitimacy of individual or organized complaints making false allegations that impact on the search engine ranking or listing of pages exposing the social abuses of Mormonism as a mandatory pre-requisite to acquiescing to requests for removal or unfavorable ranking alteration constitutes reckless disregard for the Federal Civil Rights of Park Romney and others so affected and, a form of illegitimate religious discrimination. We believe that any thoughtful and appropriate inquiry into allegations that Park Romney or other ex-Mormons are engaging in defamation, or any other illegal or inappropriate practice for exposing Mormon fraud and other social abuses will necessarily result in the discovery that ample evidence is plainly and widely available to support and sustain the conclusion that Mormonism is a fraud, that the Mormon leadership support abuses against apostates, and this should be exposed as such. Accordingly, we believe that search engine discrimination on the basis of such accusations exposes the search engine to civil liability for reckless disregard for civil rights and the accuracy and legitimacy of complaints.

We will appreciate the cooperation of any individuals who will share with us the names and identities of individuals or organizations known to be participating in illegitimate complaints or other activities adversely impacting on the listing or ranking of pages exposing the social abuses of Mormonism.

It is our personal and religious belief that Mormonism is in fact, uniquely, an insidious religious fraud the proof of which being abundantly clear, making and having made demonstrably false claims that have been publicly exposed as such, in its own support. It is our personal and religious belief that the leadership of the Mormon Church are disingenuous and blasphemous hypocrites engaged in the illegitimate exploitation of the faith of the na´ve. Notwithstanding the fact that many of us are personally acquainted with Mormons who seem to be very good and sincere people, it remains our personal and religious belief based on specific knowledge and experience that certain individual Mormons engage in dishonest, slanderous, defamatory, and manipulative practices and social abuses of others who have come to understand the fraud of Mormonism and call it out. We believe that this knowledge which we have compels us in the name and interest of religious practice to expose these matters. Illegitimate discrimination against this effort or those who engage in this effort is morally, legally, socially, and categorically inappropriate.

Google professes to "Do no Harm" as a matter of corporate policy and culture. To illegitimately discriminate against these efforts, if such is, in fact, the case, most certainly is an egregious offense against the public served by a near monopolistic enterprise. We note that certain articles, including "About Park Romney", "Mormonism and Shunning", "Mormonism and Blasphemy - Questions for the Christian Clergy", Why Trifle with Mormonism? Because Religious Fraud is Serious" and others have recently enjoyed significant listing/ranking and have since recently disappeared from Google results. We take considerable offense. We believe otherwise organic results may have been impacted by activities described above. We reserve the right to every legitimate remedy to secure our rights, expose illegitimate discrimination, and prosecute crimes and civil rights violations to the full extent of the law.

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