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Freqently Asked Questions - Interview with Park Romney

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Questions submitted by readers and journalists. Freqently Asked Questions - Interview with Park Romney

Mormon Epistemology Explained

This is well-written book by a cousin of Mitt Romney who shares his thoughts on why he chose to leave the LDS Church after a lifetime of service. Park Romney's book speaks to truth and will make those who want an easy, "feel good" answer to life's questions uncomfortable--as it should! Of the great books by former LDS who address the fraudulent underpinnings and corporate greed of Mormonism this one explains the epistemology (doctrinal theory of truth and knowldege) of Mormonism. Here, the reader will get valuable insight into the mental processing and psychology of would-be President of the United States, Mitt Romney. For a good understanding of why Mitt finds no problem with his flip-flops, and how the Mormon Church influences the decisions of its members, it is mandatory reading!

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Frequently asked questions
an interview with Park Romney
Frequently asked questions about the book, The Apostasy of a High Priest

Questions submitted by readers and journalists
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As an ex-Mormon, how do you feel about your cousin, Mitt's, campaign for the presidency?

So then, it would be fair to say that you agree that Mitt Romney's religion is not a legitimate campaign issue?

Isn't it inappropriate to single Mormonism out as a "cult" in today's political climate of religious tolerance?

Is The Apostasy of a High Priest an anti-Mormon book?

What is it that some are referring to as the "OMG" factor of the book?

What is an "Apostasy"?

Are Mormons required to "shun" an apostate?

So, thenů why did you renounce your faith?

So, how did you arrive at those conclusions?

What's not to like about Mormonism?

What doctrines of Mormonism do you have a problem with?

So, do you still believe in God?

What qualifications do you have to write about sociology?

How long after you renounced your religion did you decide to write a book about it?

Are you following any other religious doctrine, since leaving the Mormon Church?

Where does a "High Priest" fall within the hierarchy of the Mormon Church?

Is is true that you refer to the Mormon Church as a "fraud" in the book?

What do you REALLY think of Mitt's Campaign for the presidency?

What fueled your decision to leave the Church?

How does the Mormon Church accomplish brainwashing, as you contend?

What consequences did your split from the Mormon religion have for you?

Do you support Mitt Romney's campaign for the presidency?

How does the LDS Church manage to pass itself off as a modern religion?

Do you think BYU prepares its students adequately for the outside world?

How do people in the 21st century fall for the implausible history of the LDS Church?

Is the LDS Church a corporation, a religion, or a cult?

If the Church is a fraud, how do the leaders reconcile this with tenents of truthfulness and Christ-like behavior?

Why have you abandoned Mormonism?

Why criticize the Mormon religion?

Is Mormonism a threat to society?

Have you been personally attacked due to your views about Mormonism?

Is it true that Mormons isolate ex-Mormons?

Has Mitt Romney's candidacy affected your activities?

How do your criticisms affect Mitt Romney's campaign?

How could being a Mormon affect Mitt Romney's presidency?

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