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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mormonism and LDS issues

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Isn't it inappropriate to single Mormonism out as a "cult" in today's political climate of religious tolerance? - Park Romney responds to questions about calling Mormonism a cult.

Is anti-Mormonism Bigotry? - Is The Apostasy of a High Priest an anti-Mormon book? - Park Romney responds.

What's not to like about Mormonism?

What doctrines of Mormonism do you have a problem with? - Park Romney responds to questions about Mormon doctrines he has a problem with.

Mormonism: An insidious contemporary fraud
This is the article made famous by Dana Milbank's (of the Washington Post) commentary. - Park Romney responds to the question, 'What do you REALLY think of Mitt's Campaign for the presidency?'

Why have you abandoned Mormonism?

Is Mormonism a threat to society?
Responding to a question from the Brazilian press. - by Park Romney, 2011

Have you been personally attacked due to your views about Mormonism?

An American Fraud - One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism
Park Romney's five star review of An American Fraud: One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism, by Kay Burningham. - book review by Park Romney

Mormonism vs. Other Christrian Faiths
Park Romney responds to this question as posed by his friend, Bill Sallberg. He discusses the profound diffences between Mormonism and other faiths, and calls out Mormonism as a fraud, as blasphemy, and as ineligible for religious tolerance. - Aren't criticisms of Mormonism equally applicable to all religions? - Park Romney responds

The Paradox of Bigotry and Mormonism
Park Romney responds to the accusation that anti-Mormonism is bigotry. - by Park Romney. April 22, 2013

Why Trifle with Mormonism? Because Religious Fraud is Serious.
Park Romney explains his motivation for calling out the Mormon fraud and makes the case for holding the perpetrators of religious fraud accountable. He calls out institutional resistance to the prosecution of Mormon fraud and invites grass roots support to overcome that resistance. - by Park Romney. May 2, 2013

Mormonism and Shunning
Park Romney discusses Mormonism, shunnning, and the complex social dynamic that arises between Mormon apostates and their true believing family members. - by Park Romney, May 28, 2013

Mormonism and Blasphemy - Questions for the Christian Clergy
Park Romney responds to questions about calling out the blasphemy of the Mormon fraud. He poses serious questions to the clergy of other faiths. - by Park Romney. June 21, 2013

Select from the following resources...

Mormon Epistemology & Agenda Explained - Review by Kay Burningham
The Apostasy of a High Priest - The Sociology of an American Cult by Park B. Romney - A Book Review by Kay Burningham This is a short, but well-written book by a distant cousin of Mitt Romney who ...

About Park Romney - Mormon Apostate, Progeny of Polygamy
Learn about Park Romney, Mormon Apostate, and descendant of Mormon Polygamist, Miles Park Romney

DNA Evidence vs The Book of Mormon
Excelent Video presentation in which Mormon scientists acknowledge the falsehood of the Book of Mormon as evidenced by conclusive DNA and a perponderence of other evidence.

Mormon Fraud: A Reflection of American Naivete' | Observations and Rebuttals
Park Romney, a former Mormon High Priest, discusses what he refers to as the blasphemy of Mormon Fraud....

Russia's anti-Mormon campaign
An influential young pro-Kremlin politician is trying to get the Latter-day Saints banned from the country. ...

Does the LDS Church really have 14 million members?
A critical look at the statistics

Mitt Romney's Polygamy Tree - by Helen Radkey
The double standard for Mormon marriage The present-day Mormon mindset, including 2012 Republican presidential candidate, Willard Mitt Romney—a lifelong Mormon who boasts of only having one wife—define Mormon marriage as between “one-man and one-woman.” Along with the monogamous unions that occur in Mormon temples, a far more unconventional view of marriage is also promoted. Polygamy is given an official thumbs up. Polygamous ceremonies by proxy for deceased men and women—but mainly for men—are performed regularly in Mormon temples, including ongoing polygamous rites for direct male ancestors of Mitt Romney.

Park Romney interviewed for Danish News by Mikkel Selin - on Mitt Romney and Mormonism
Live recorded interview of Park Romney for Danish news by Mikkel Selin. Topics include Mormonism and Mitt Romney's campaign. Powerful expose'!

Mitt Romney speaking about Mormon faith - Video
Mitt Romney ranting about Mormonism. The REAL Mitt Romney! (Interview done by Jan Mikelson WHO-Iowa)

D. Michael Quinn and Mormon excommunication: The complicated life of a Mormon intellectual
One Sunday in February of 1993, Michael Quinn was home sick with a fever when his doorbell rang. Wearing a bathrobe, he answered after several rings and found three men in suits and ties on his doorstep. The Mormon church is organized into congregations called wards; a group of these... ...

An Open Letter to the Leadership of the Mormon Church
The following letter appeared on Craigslist in March of 2009. It captures the reasons why leaving the Church is so painful. Dear Elder (Name): As one who suffers from within, I write this letter to inform you of the magnitude of a growing problem. I am fully active, fully worthy, and fully apostate. I remain active solely for the sake of immediate and extended family unity, and to preserve my marriage. The fact that I cannot act upon my knowledge about fraudulent church history and doctrine has created a considerable dilemma for both the church and myself. The church is filled with people like me, and if you do not address this dilemma, the church will collapse from within. This letter, therefore, is an appeal for your consideration of my personal dilemma, and to serve as a witness against you if you fail to act.

How Many Ex-Mormons are there? - Richard Packham
HOW MANY EXMORMONS ARE THERE? or HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE LEFT THE MORMON CHURCH?...Adding these two figures (640,000 who officially left, and 2,524,000 who don't call themselves Mormons but are still on the records), gives us an estimate of about 3,164,000 ex-Mormons in the US in 2001, compared to the 2,787,000 who consider themselves Mormon. And notice that this estimate disregards those who may have had their names removed before 1990, but who are still alive, which would make the number of ex-Mormons even higher.

Why I Don't Think A Mormon Should Be President - Nathan Nebeker
Nathan Nebeker is a technology executive and entrepreneur. He was born in Salt Lake City, and his family descends from some of the early Mormon pioneers. The opinions expressed below are his own.

Blind Obedience and Mitt Romney - by Helen Radkey
Blind obedience and Mitt Romney In what may be one of the most controversial exposés written about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), Helen Radkey's report unmasks blind obedience within the LDS Church, and how this Mormon requirement could affect Mitt Romney. She addresses abusive Mormon behavior, with emphasis on Church disciplinary councils, used to control and discipline members.....

Handbook 2: Administering the Church - LDS Church Handbook
Handbook 2: Administering the Church. This handbook is a guide for members of ward and stake councils. The first two chapters present the doctrinal foundation of the work of the Church: the salvation of individuals and the sealing and exaltation of families through the power of the priesthood. The other chapters provide instructions for administering priesthood quorums and auxiliaries. They also present principles and guidelines that apply to multiple organizations in the ward.

How the L.D.S. Church Has Influenced Mormon Politicians, and What It Can Teach Us About a Mitt Romney Presidency
An expert in Mormon history examines just how close relationships can be between the Mormon Church and politicians who count themselves members. ...

Mormon Church is not excommunicating Romney Critics
But a baseless story that went viral this week highlights a daunting challenge for Mormonism. Can the faith escape being defined by its most famous member?

The political agenda of the Mormon Church
Janis Hutchinson is recognized as an expert on cult recovery and the serious problems of former cult members when converting to traditional churches. Her knowledge of Mormonism comes from having been an active Mormon for thirty-four years during which time she served two local missions, married a former Mormon missionary, and sent a daughter on a full-time mission.

Bloomberg Report Takes Aim At Mormon Church For Online Gun Sales
The Mormon Church owns one of the most active and unregulated gun sale portals on the web, according to a national investigation released by the New York City Mayor's office. The website in question is, the online hub for Utah's NBC affiliate and sister radio station, which are both owned and operated by the for-profit arm of the Mormon Church. In addition to local news, produces a popular classifieds section that reaches millions of users well beyond Utah. The LDS connection drew little notice when Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a leading financier of the gun control movement, published the report in December, but an official involved with Bloomberg's investigation is calling out the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for putting "profits over principle."

LDS Church lowers missionary age
An announcement made by top leaders of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may impact college campuses across the state. At LDS General Conference Saturday morning, Church President Thomas Monson announced missionary ages would be lowered from 19 to 18 for males. Monson emphasized the change was not a requirement, but a choice.

Mormon Church Lowers Age Limit for Missionaries
The Mormon church will lower its minimum age requirements for missionaries from 19 to 18 for men and from 21 to 19 for women, the faith's president announced Saturday. Thomas S. Monson said at the church's 182nd semiannual General Conference that the historic change is expected to significantly increase the missionary force of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — currently more than 55,000 worldwide. The new age requirements will take effect immediately and replace limits that had been in effect for decades. Mormon men serve full-time, two-year missions, while women serve 18-month missions.

Mountain Meadows Massacre - Worst Mass Murder in the History of the United States
Brigham Young, is undeniably the worst mass murder in the history of the United States of America, just from the fruits of his preachings.

Dangerous Cult Similarities in the Mormon Church, Branch Davidians and Jonestown
These cults have some very clear similarities that classify them, by definition, as a cult. One of these is: the group is elitist, claiming a special, exalted status for itself, its leader(s), and members (for example: the leader is considered the Messiah or an avatar; the group and/or the leader has a special mission to save humanity). Joseph Smith, in starting his Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints, proclaimed he was a direct descendant of Jesus and his followers can become gods themselves, replete with their own worlds to rule with a plethora of wives. He urged followers to take up arms against the U.S. militia and died as a “martyr”. Branch Davidian leader David Koresh proclaimed messiah status in 1990 when he changed his name from Timothy Howell and strongly favored polygamy for himself and also dealt in illegal firearms. People’s Temple cult leader James Jones proclaimed exalted status where members even signed over custody of their children to Jones. All three men proclaimed a sense of divinity and demanded allegiance through intimidation and threats towards their followers. All three led their followers to an untimely, violent death in defense of the cult and its leaders.

The Mormon Masterpiece
On a spring day in 1820, Joseph Smith walked into the woods near his home in Palmyra, N.Y., and knelt down to pray. While on his knees within this grove of trees, he claims to have not only seen, but spoken with, God and Jesus Christ, thus beginning his controversial and remarkably ambitious creation—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This creation, like any work of art, was intended to evoke emotions, steer thinking in a specific direction and, most importantly, convince believers that what they are seeing, hearing and feeling is true and real. Nibley’s description of Smith’s work adds to his role as an artistic visionary: “The most singular contributions in every field of human endeavor have been made by persons who outraged the establishment by transcending the current rules; the productions of genius, to say nothing of divine revelation, are necessarily unconventional in method and offensive to the scholar.”

Under the Mormon Tree
Doug Wallace has had a life long commitment to justice and equality, As a Mormon before the Church accepted Black men as priests Doug received some promptings to challenge church leadership on that issue. This book discusses the life experiences which brought him to that challenge and how it forced the church to accept Black priests. Doug survived attempts on his life and reputation as reported in this autobiography. He thought for a while it was right out of a James Bond movie! As new evidence challenges past church historical statements. Apologists for the church, mainly at Brigham Young University, confuse the truth seeker with references to non applicable evidence or citations of so called scholars to deflect the honest inquiries of members or investigators. Where it has been known for a over century and half [ 1830’s to 2010] that church founder Joseph Smith, Jr. was a polygamist and his successor Brigham Young had over 37 polygamist wives, the current effort of the church in it’s internal teaching manuals is to portray to the church members, particularly young children that Young was a monogamist and talk of having polygamist wives is untrue.

The Other Romney on Mitt & the LDS Threat
This is from Park Romney, Mitt's ex-Mormon cousin. Now, being a cousin to Mitt isn't as impressive as you would think, considering that they are not that greatly removed from their polygamists forefathers. That said, he knows more about Mormonism and what shaped the mind of Mitt Romney than anyone else....

Mitt Romney Summons All Mormons With Debate Code Words
Willard walked away from the October 3rd debate feeling victorious with his "performance." He was quite the thespian and made so many antithetical claims to actual reality, one must infer he was convinced he believed his convoluted logic wholeheartedly. However, he was using secret Mormon code to round up the LDS army to get involved now. Park Romney explains...

Mormons’ Concept of Self — and of Others
Mormons’ Concept of Self — and of Others: “Thou wast chosen before thou wast born” Because I strongly believe, like Richard Dawkins, that citizens should know what makes a candidate “tick” before casting their vote, I posted an earlier commentary on Why Candidates’ Religious Beliefs ARE Important. There was one particular belief among Mormons like Mitt Romney that I did not include in that list, because it is so crucial, so influential, so pervasive to all those other examples, that it merits much more detailed elaboration. I am talking about Mormons’ concept of self —and of others. In a nutshell: Mormons believe they are “God’s Chosen People.”

Richard Dawkins: Romney a ‘massively gullible fool’ for practicing Mormonism
Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on Sunday asked how anyone could vote for a “massively gullible fool” like Mitt Romney who could not see that Mormonism’s founder was a “fraud.” “Romney’s prophet Joseph Smith a fraud,” Dawkins said in an hours-long Twitter rant, quoting from the Book of Mormon and adding, “Romney falls for it.” “No matter how much you agree with Romney’s economic policy, can you really vote for such a massively gullible fool?” the atheist asked. “He is a Mormon BISHOP!”

Is a Pretty Young Mormon Woman Evidence of GOP Voter Fraud?
A disturbing video is making the rounds: a pretty, young, fresh-faced Mormon woman outside a Safeway store in Colorado Springs registering voters. It may sound as innocent as she looks, but what lies beneath the surface seems a little uglier, especially given Adalia Woodbury’s coverage of Romney/GOP voter fraud yesterday. A patron, using her cell phone to record the exchange, confronts the girl and questions her:

The First Vision's Slow Entrance Into the LDS Story
When addressing the subject of Joseph Smith’s personal encounter with God the Father and Jesus Christ, Gordon B. Hinckley, the fifteenth president of the LDS Church, stated, “There's no other event in all recorded history that compares with it, not even at the baptism of the Savior” (“Testimony of the First Vision,” Church News, July 1, 2006, p.2). This event, known to Mormons as the “First Vision,” is one of the most extraordinary tales told by Mormonism’s founder. However, if this event plays such a major role in Mormonism’s history, why do we find no mention of it among the writings of early LDS leaders or members, including Joseph Smith?

Fortune 500 LDS Inc. Explains Romney’s Greed
Aren’t you just a tad bit suspicious of a “church” whose headquarters rival that of any profit-driven multinational corporation? There’s pretty damned good reason for this: If the LDS Church were a U.S. corporation, by revenues it would rank number 243 on the Fortune 500 list. Mormons, Inc., lands somewhere between Paine Webber ($5.7 billion) and Union Carbide ($6.1 billion), a tad smaller than Continental Airlines ($6.4 billion), and about twice the size of Reader’s Digest ($3.1 billion).” Remember the 2008 campaign? We were bombarded with Jeremiah Wright quotes that allegedly shaped Barack Obama’s faith. How come Willard Mitt Romney is not subjected to the same religious scrutiny? I believe it is a double standard that must be addressed, and before the first Presidential debate tomorrow night, I feel it is my duty as an informed voter to elucidate the issue of Romney’s very relevant religion, the Mormon faith. Most Americans know little about this religion that boasts a worldwide membership of 14 million and growing quickly, largely due to an aggressive recruitment strategy.

Mormonism Research Ministry
Mormonism Research Ministry is a missionary/apologetics organization that was organized in 1979 to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to critically evaluate the differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.

Mormon America: Power and Promise
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has received plenty of publicity during the 1990s, most of which was positive. From the affable President Gordon B. Hinckley to the many positive media reports generated by the media, there has probably never been a time in history where Mormonism has looked so good from the perspective of the non-LDS public. So what might be the initial reaction of an evangelical Christian who first hears about a book entitled Mormon America? Probably, "Oh great, another favorable look at the LDS Church!" The Latter-day Saint, meanwhile, has been forewarned by his church's public relations' office that this book brings "a secular approach to a spiritual subject," resulting in what church leaders apparently feel is an unfair analysis of their sacred faith. While some from both camps might never pick up this book for these reasons, both Christian and Mormon readers ought to think again.

David Twede, Mormon Blogger And Romney Critic Threatened With Excommunication, Will Wait To Hear Fate
David Twede, the Mormon blogger who made international headlines after he said he was threatened with excommunication because he criticized church practices and Mormon Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is off the hook -- but only temporarily. Twede, who lives in Orlando, Fla., and is the managing editor of the independent website, was scheduled to meet with his church disciplinary council Sunday....

Life After Mormonism - An Exmormon Social Network
We are an online social community of former Mormons and those still transitioning out of Mormonism. Investigators of Mormonism also welcome! (free registration required to see all areas of the site and "member only" posts)

Can I sue the Mormon Church?
Once the eyes open, and the once-faithful Mormon realizes that the church is a fraud, it's natural to think back about how stupid you were, and what you have lost in time and money. Every new ex-Mormon is going to ask, "Can I sue them?" After all, they cheated me, they took ten percent of my income, they duped me, they ruined my life and caused me untold anguish, and that's WRONG! I am frequently asked, "Can I sue the church? Can I get a refund of my tithing? Didn't the church commit fraud, extortion? Can we file a class action suit?" The answer to the question "Can I sue?" is, of course, "Yes, you can sue." But the more important question is, "If I sue, will I win?" DISCLAIMER ---- The following should not be relied upon as a definitive statement of the law. Your situation may differ, and you should obtain legal counsel only from your own attorney. The writer, although a retired attorney, is not presently authorized or licensed to give legal advice. The writer is speaking as a lay person only, and only in reference to the laws in the United States. ---- There are several possible legal theories under which one could sue the Mormon church for a refund of tithing. In my opinion, none of them would be successful. There are perhaps very limited situations for which one could successfully sue for other damages.

Disciplinary hearing for Mormon blogger David Twede delayed
A Mormon blogger accused of apostasy for writing critical web essays about Mormon history, temple worship and contemporary issues has been given a reprieve, for now. ...

Curse of Cain - Racism in the Mormon Church - part 2
Brigham Youngs decision to deny blacks the priesthood was undoubtedly prompted by several factors. Among the most important may well have been the controversy generated in 1846-47 by the flamboyant activities of William McCary, a half-breed Indian-black man referred to variously as the Indian, Lamanite, or Nigger Prophet. The s of McCary are vague and often conflicting, making it difficult to determine his exact activities and relationship to the Latter-day Saint movement. McCarys origin and occupation are not known. The earliest known account, written in October 1846, claims that Apostle Orson Hyde while at a camp near Council Bluffs, Iowa, baptised and ordained . . . a Lamanite Prophet to use as a tool to destroy the churches he cannot rule....p

Curse of Cain - Racism in the Mormon Church - part I
Twenty-six years ago, in June of 1978, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced the end of its priesthood restrictions regarding African blacks. Since the LDS Church has a lay priesthood, the ban had kept blacks from any leadership positions. One of the foundations of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the claim that priesthood is essential to act in God's behalf. In the LDS manual Gospel Principles we read: We must have [LDS] priesthood authority to act in the name of God when performing the sacred ordinances of the gospel, such as baptism, confirmation, administration of the sacrament, and temple marriage. If a man does not have the priesthood, even though he may be sincere, the Lord will not recognize ordinances he performs (Gospel Principles, published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1995 edition, p. 81).

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