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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lying for the Lord - Mormon Deception
Lying for the Lord, a continuing element of the culture of Mormonism

On Topics: Lying for the Lord, Prevarication, Deception, Polygamy, Strengthening the Church Members, Jeffrey Holland, Gordon B. Hinkley, DNA evidence discredits Book of Mormon, Mormon Fraud, Eternal Law of Marriage, Character Assasination

Over 100 of the 152 examples of the deception of Mormon Church officials found documented in Ken Clark's damning article on "Lying for the Lord" as republished on deal with the coverup and outright lies about the practice of polygamy. Quite a number of the examples provided by Clark involve defamation and character assasination of truth tellers. Mormon polygamy, including Joseph Smith's philandering, predated Joseph Smith's "revelations" justifying it and postdated Church manifestos and public declarations that they had "abandoned it".

Ken Clark is a courageous former Church Educational System Director for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who became uncomfortable with the Church's established practice of "Lying for the Lord". He resigned his employment and church membership in 2002.

In spite of the LDS Church's public attempts to distance itself from polygamy, the doctrine of polygamy remains, to this day, an essential and inseparable element of Mormon doctrine on the subject of the Eternal Law of Marriage as documented in the canonized book of Mormon Scripture, The Doctrine and Covenants. Records maintained by the Church to this very day document temple "sealings" of Eternal Marriages involving multiple contemporaneous partners. Mormons believe that polygamy is an "Eternal Gospel Principle" and all candidates for "exaltation" in the "Kingdom of God" are required to accept it as such.

It would seem the deception and prevarications of Mormon Church officials continues in modern times as evidenced by Jeffrey Holland's denials of undue Church influence on politicians, before a gathering of Harvard students; LDS Church President, Gordon B. Hinkley's denial of the existence of conclusive DNA evidence discrediting Book of Mormon claims of authenticity and Israelite migrations, in a public interview (Featured video clip is from DNA vs. The Book of Mormon video masterfully produced by Living Hope Ministries. For full video, click here); the Church publicity official, Michael Purdy's equivocation and apparent evasiveness exposed by John Sweeny of the BBC, in an interview involving the Church's (no longer secret) "Strengthening Church Members" committee; and LDS Apostle Jeffrey Holland's lie, exposed in an interview question where John Sweeney asked about blood oaths taken by Mitt Romney in temple rites, to name just a few recent examples.

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