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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Apostasy - Renunciation of faith

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About Park Romney - Mormon Apostate, Progeny of Polygamy
Learn about Park Romney, Mormon Apostate, and descendant of Mormon Polygamist, Miles Park Romney

An Open Letter to the Leadership of the Mormon Church
The following letter appeared on Craigslist in March of 2009. It captures the reasons why leaving the Church is so painful. Dear Elder (Name): As one who suffers from within, I write this letter to inform you of the magnitude of a growing problem. I am fully active, fully worthy, and fully apostate. I remain active solely for the sake of immediate and extended family unity, and to preserve my marriage. The fact that I cannot act upon my knowledge about fraudulent church history and doctrine has created a considerable dilemma for both the church and myself. The church is filled with people like me, and if you do not address this dilemma, the church will collapse from within. This letter, therefore, is an appeal for your consideration of my personal dilemma, and to serve as a witness against you if you fail to act.

Out of Ur: Anne Rice's Renunciation
Best selling author Anne Rice has quit Christianity. She is not quitting on Jesus Christ or the Bible, she says, but she is quitting organized Christianity. Ms. Rice announced her quit-decision not through a resignation letter (where would one send it?) but through her website and TV interviews.

How to Leave The Mormon Church: Apostasy, Disgrace or Suicide
It was quite a rare spectacle. On Saturday, June 30th in Salt Lake City, Utah 150 Mormons quit their church in a mass resignation ceremony. It seems to be happening more and people are becoming qui...

Ex-Mormon Life After Apostasy
Ex-Mormon life after apostasy. If all TBMs (True Believing Mormons) understand is their own rhetoric, why don't we use their own words to get through to them? It would go like this:

Apostasy, Heresy and Schism
Apostasy: In the strict, traditional sense of the word, is the gravely sinful act by which one totally abandons, inwardly and outwardly, the Catholic faith in which he has been baptized and which he has heretofore professed.

National Apostasy, by John Keble
Dean Church, from the English Churchman's Library, 1905 - presented online through Project Canterbury.

True apostasy: From Quintus to Paul Haggis
In contemporary America, apostate is a casual term of derision used to describe someone who is in some vague way at odds with a party, as in Charles Krauthammer's discussion of the two Republicans who gunned for the 2008 presidential nomination: "Giuliani's major apostasy is being pro-choice on abortion. McCain's...

The Punishment for Apostasy from Islam
The punishment for apostasy from Islam is a controversial topic for Muslims living in the West and for ex-Muslims everywhere. ThatĂs because Islam teaches that apostates are to be killed. We know from historic Islamic documents that during Muhammad's lifetime, and the lifetimes of the next four "Rightly Guided Caliphs", tens of thousands of Muslims left the faith of Islam and thousands were killed. On a large scale the Muslims made war on groups that chose to leave Islam and massacres of apostates occurred. On a smaller scale individual apostates were executed. This death sentence is in effect whether or not the apostasy occurred in or out of the Islamic state.

Apostasy and Islam
Freedom of faith is essential to Islam. Prophets and Messengers of Allah along with their communities had to struggle for their freedom of faith. That Islam is by choice is unambiguously stated in the Qur'an and reflected in the Prophetic legacy. However, throughout history, the issue has been clouded due to mixing the issue of apostasy with treason. Now one of the biggest tools of anti-Islam/anti-Muslim propaganda is based on the issue of apostasy, claiming that Islam does not uphold the freedom of faith. Even our own children are getting confused and many are quietly disavowing our wishy-washy position on as fundamental an issue as freedom of faith/religion.

SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) Apostasy
Most SDA people are unaware there are SOP quotes and Scriptures proving their church would become Babylon.

Apostasy Alert - Exposing false doctrines and teachers in the Church
Apostasy Alert monitors trends in the church that corrupt the truth of the Christian faith and leads unsuspecting believers away from Jesus Christ.

Apostasy - Wiki Results
Apostasy ( /əˈpɒstəsi/; Greek: ἀ????▀??▀ (apostasia), a defection or revolt, from ἀ??, apo, "away, apart", ??????, stasis, "stand", "standing") is the formal disaffiliation from or abandonment or renunciation of a religion by a person. One who commits apostasy apostatises and is an apostate. These terms have a pejorative implication in everyday use. The term is used by sociologists to mean renunciation and criticism of, or opposition to, a person's former religion, in a technical sense and without pejorative connotation. The term is sometimes also used by extension to refer to renunciation of a non-religious belief or cause, such as a political party, brain trust, or, facetiously, a sports team.

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