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Park Romney is the author of The Apostasy of a High Priest, a challenging commentary on the sociology, politics, culture, and doctrines of the Mormon Church and...

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About Park Romney
Park Romney is the author of The Apostasy of a High Priest, a challenging commentary on the sociology, politics, culture and doctrines of the Mormon Church and a candid and enlightening discussion on the philosophical journey of his own decision to leave the Mormon Church.

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Age: 57
Picture is over 5 years old. Many argue that he still looks just like this. He doesn't agree, but hasn't gotten around to providing an updated photo yet.

Status: Single
No, he is not gay, for those who have asked because of his outspoken support for the rights of same sex marriage. He is neither gay, nor a homophobe. Obviously he is not a polygamist, nor is he so inclined.

Special Interests: Human behavior and attitudes
Advocacy for reason and social justice
Sociology and Philosophy
Outdoor activities

He is a special friend to a select few.
He thoroughly enjoys taking up the cause of the underdog.
He enjoys fishing, hiking, and outdoor activities.

Politics: Independent Thinker
A cousin to presidential candidate, Willard (Milton) Mitt Romney, he is often uncomfortable with the hypocrisy on both sides of the isle. Prefers what he sardonically likes to call his "own brand of hypocrisy". He identifies more with Libertarians than with Democrats or Republicans. He is NOT an active supporter of Willard (Milton) Mitt Romney's campaigns. Not an opponent, either. Recognizes Willard (Milton) Mitt Romney's admirable qualities but is deeply dissapointed in Mitt Romney's positions and attitudes on a number of subjects including human rights and separation of church and state. Park believes that the "Mormonization of America" has far more serious ramifications than most people are generally aware of. He addresses this in his book, The Apostasy of a High Priest. Willard (Milton) Mitt Romney is not involved with any of Park Romney's projects.

Ancestoral Notes: Son of Milton Romney and Evelyn (Brannock) Romney
Park Romney aka Park B. Romney is the son of the former marriage of Milton Romney of Salt Lake City, Utah and Evelyn (Brannock) Romney, fomerly from Idaho. Milton Romney currenty resides in Camarillo, California. He should not be confused with Willard (Milton) Mitt Romney, the former presidential candidate, or Milton Romney who once played football for the Chicago Bears and for whom it is reported that Mitt Romney was named. Park Romney's father, Milton (Milton C. Romney) is a cousin to the late Governor (of Michigan) George Romney who is Willard (Milton) Mitt Romney's father. Mitt Romney's father, George Romney, spent time at what he referred to as his "Uncle Park's" farm in Cache Valley, Utah in his youth where he became acquainted with his cousin Milton. Park Romney was named after his grandfather, Park who was named after his father, Miles Park Romney who was a Mormon polygamist.

Articles about, by, or mentioning Park Romney

Mormon Epistemology & Agenda Explained - Review by Kay Burningham
The Apostasy of a High Priest - The Sociology of an American Cult by Park B. Romney - A Book Review by Kay Burningham This is a short, but well-written book by a distant cousin of Mitt Romney who ...

Romney's MythMentum - Chris London, Esq.
THE 'RISE' OF MORMON RACKETEER FUELED BY MALARKEY, WHITE POWER & BILLIONAIRE VULTURES: Romney Does Not Have the "Right Stuff" (honesty, character & integrity) But he seems to have the "White Stuff" (white male voters)...

The Other Romney on Mitt & the LDS Threat
This is from Park Romney, Mitt's ex-Mormon cousin. Now, being a cousin to Mitt isn't as impressive as you would think, considering that they are not that greatly removed from their polygamists forefathers. That said, he knows more about Mormonism and what shaped the mind of Mitt Romney than anyone else....

Fortune 500 LDS Inc. Explains Romney’s Greed
Aren’t you just a tad bit suspicious of a “church” whose headquarters rival that of any profit-driven multinational corporation? There’s pretty damned good reason for this: If the LDS Church were a U.S. corporation, by revenues it would rank number 243 on the Fortune 500 list. Mormons, Inc., lands somewhere between Paine Webber ($5.7 billion) and Union Carbide ($6.1 billion), a tad smaller than Continental Airlines ($6.4 billion), and about twice the size of Reader’s Digest ($3.1 billion).” Remember the 2008 campaign? We were bombarded with Jeremiah Wright quotes that allegedly shaped Barack Obama’s faith. How come Willard Mitt Romney is not subjected to the same religious scrutiny? I believe it is a double standard that must be addressed, and before the first Presidential debate tomorrow night, I feel it is my duty as an informed voter to elucidate the issue of Romney’s very relevant religion, the Mormon faith. Most Americans know little about this religion that boasts a worldwide membership of 14 million and growing quickly, largely due to an aggressive recruitment strategy.

Park Romney on Mormon History
A former Mormon and cousin of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney had some comments about his views of LDS history...

In Support of Resignation
In Support of Resignation – One man’s point of view. Not long ago I happened to find myself in a discussion with an ex-Mormon woman who said she was discouraging her husband from resignation from the Church. She apparently considered ...

Freqently Asked Questions - Interview with Park Romney
An interview with Park Romney. Frequently asked questions about the book, The Apostasy of a High Priest. Questions submitted by readers and journalists

Who Cares about Self Inquiry?
Whether we like it or not, one's philosophy, or in the sad case of some, lack of philosophy, defines their life and who they are. This is inescapable. Life is an ongoing series of choices and consequences. The intellectual process by which people make their choices may, perhaps, be one of the most important, while, for many, the most neglected aspects of their lives. We all go through the process of making choices on a regular basis. Not so many of us take the time to subject the process by which we make those choices to an introspective examination. Socrates is reported to have observed, "The unexamined life is not worth living." It seems that Socrates had a passion for examining his own thought processes and those of others.

What about Religion?
Religion's relationship to philosophy Religion is a part of the life philosophy of some, while being the entire life philosophy of others. In the case of atheists, religion is argued by some to be none of their life philosophy. However, it seems that a number of atheists pursue the denial of the existence of God with such dogmatic zeal, that their atheism appears to take on certain aspects of blind devotion to their negative belief about God to the exclusion of reasonable consideration of the subject matter. Some argue that any consideration of the existence of God defies reason, in and of itself, on the basis of the underlying premise that the existence of God is neither ascertainable nor relevant. Some believe that the definition of God, itself, defies the possibility of its existence in reality. We recognize that the subject matter warrants scrutiny and respectful attention.

Park Romney, Other Ex-Mormons 'Shunned' by Mitt's Church
Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney is a practicing member of -- and former ecclesiastical leader in -- the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormon church. His cousin, Park Romney, is not, and claims to have been alienated from his family as a result of his decision to leave the Mormon faith. John Sweeney of BBC News interviewed Park for an article on BBC's website that explores "why he turned against the Mormon church." Here's a closer look at Park's claims, as well as Mormon church leaders' defenses.

Park Romney on Mormon Think
This web page is dedicated to the accomplishments of Park Romney and his dealings with the Mormon Church. Park Romney is the second cousin of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Like most of Mitt's family and extended family, Park Romney was raised a member of the LDS Church. He was an active member for most of his life obtaining the office of High Priest in the Mormon faith. He requested that his name be removed from the records of the church in 2004 after coming to believe that the LDS Church is not what it claims to be.

Meet Mitt Romney's Cousin
But Park Romney, apostate Mormon, is no street-corner eccentric. He is Mitt Romney’s second cousin. Church documents and archival research done by The Post’s Lucy Shackelford trace Park’s lineage to Miles Park Romney, who is also Mitt’s great-grandfather.

Mitt Romney's Mormon religion is 'demonstrable fraud' says relative
A relative of Mitt Romney is questioning whether he’s qualified to be a U.S. president because of his religion, Mormonism, is a “demonstrable contemporary fraud.” Park Romney, a former Mormon high priest who, raises the issue in an interview with the BBC for a documentary on Mormonism. The fundamental beliefs of the religion based on founder Joseph Smith’s translations of an Egyptian scroll, has been discredited by modern study of the documents, he said. “We are talking about a Church whose former prophet, Joseph Smith, declared himself King, and ordered the destruction of a private printing enterprise that was about to publish revelations about his personal indiscretions,” Park Romney says on his website.

Park Romney: Mormonism Is a Fraud - Mitt's cousin, former high priest, has left their religion
Not all Romneys are as enamored of Mormonism as Mitt. Take Park Romney, Mitt's cousin. He used to be a Mormon high priest, but finally left the religion. "I became convinced that it's a fraud," he tells the BBC. He doubts many aspects of the religion, such as founder Joseph Smith's prophecies, including those based on Smith's translation of an Egyptian scroll he said he purchased from a traveling mummy exhibit. The translation, which became part of the Mormon book of Abraham, has been discredited by Egyptologists. "There's compelling evidence that the Mormon Church leaders knowingly and willfully misrepresent the historical truth of their origins and of the church for the purpose of deceiving their members into a state of mind that renders them exploitable," says Park Romney, 56.

Is the Apparent Selfishness of Mitt Romney Evidence of a Larger Problem?
Could it be Epistemology? Mitt Romney is shaped primarily by his upbringing in the Mormon Church. It is relevant in this case because it is the vehicle by which he justifies his reluctance to release his tax returns. Those returns would demonstrate the pittance he has paid to the American Government due to his creative accountants finding every single loophole domestically and offshore. It also has justified his acquisition of wealth at all costs, especially by the devastation of so many lives and jobs which Bain Capital has decimated. My questions grow as I consider these two aspects of the faith: (1) The LDS church is one of the wealthiest religions in America while, (2) Mormon-dominated Utah is consistently first in personal bankruptcies. The Church gets rich–as members get poor. I looked to Park Romney for guidance....

There is a Romney we should all listen to and it's not Mitt!
Las Vegas Jessie contrasts Mitt Romney with his cousin, Park Romney. "Park is everything we wished Mitt would be. He’s insightful, philosophical, brilliant, principled, and utterly devoted to social justice. Unlike his second cousin, he craves knowledge and truth and will not shun logic, reason and morality simply to amass political power and obscene wealth. Park is a rare breed: he seeks knowledge to further his evolution as a thinking person, not to gain material wealth. If wealth was measured by the content of someone’s brain, he’d have a few yachts in the Caymans himself. His wealth is measured by truly living a moral life without compromising his principled values." ...

Park Romney's book illustrates parallels between Mormonism and the 2012 GOP
Blogger Las Vegas Jessie writes - "The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies". In this poignant quote, Thomas Jefferson manifests how the premise of any belief system based on fraud and fabrication can create a dangerously blind allegiance to fallacy. The Apostasy of a High Priest, the Sociology of an American Cult is a look into the Mormon religion and itÆs powerful control of all socioeconomic ramifications. The author, Park Romney, is Willard RomneyÆs second cousin. He was a High Priest in the Mormon Church who, through critical thinking and inquisitiveness, concluded the faith was based on a house of lies. The book is a testimony of his journey into apostate status and how, despite immense consequences, it was all worth it to be true to himself.

BBC News - Park Romney: Why he turned against the Mormon church
The religious beliefs of Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee front runner, are in stark contrast to those of his cousin Park Romney, a lapsed Mormon.

Park Romney: What do you REALLY think of Mitt's campaign for the presidency?
Q. Some are aware that you have far more serious reservations about your cousin, MittÆs, campaign for the presidency than you have made clear. Is this the case? If so, why the hesitation? Can you see your way clear to getting past those reservations now and making your concerns clear?

Mitt Romney would have to put loyalty to Mormon church over job as president says Fred Karger
In a comment published in The Guardian, a British newspaper, little-known Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger took aim at Mitt Romney for his Mormon faith. Romney is among the first Mormons to have a serious shot at winning the presidency. Karger -- a gay Republican who has attracted little support in the polls -- suggested that, as president, Romney would face a conflict between the duties of his office and Mormon religion, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or LDS. "My major concern with the Mormon faith is the basic tenet of obedience," Karger told ...

The Apostasy
of a High Priest

Mormon Epistemology & Agenda Explained

"The Cherry on the Cake of books on Mormonism"

"Romney deconstructs Mormon epistemology, exposing the fraud of the religion, with its own scripture as evidence....

The epistemology of Mormonism is its most profoundly relevant device in accomplishing the psychological repression that is essential for its survival. Park Romney not only exposes this device, but painstakingly documents its doctrinal roots in Mormon scripture and then walks the reader through the intricate application of the philosophical and psychological and sociological mechanics of this device throughout the Mormon missionary process and subsequent cultural experience....

Park Romney's analysis can be applied with interest to the dizzying political spin of Mitt Romney's candidacy for US. President...

But the principles Romney explains in The Apostasy of a High Priest are not necessarily unique to Mormonism. They are applicable to an analysis of organized religion and other business institutions on a global scale; these principles have broad application to the understanding of Truth. Many readers who know little about Mormonism might well find Park Romney's book an enlightening and provocative read as it applies to the universal deception by any powerful elite governing group over its governed. I highly recommend the book not only as a view into Mormon epistemology, but as a hard look at what passes for Truth in a world that increasingly manipulates its consumers. "

The forgoing excerpts are from a book review by Kay Burningham, Author of An American Fraud, One Lawyer's Case against Mormonism

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